Wedding Ideas & Hot Tips!



I was at a lovely wedding yesterday  and they had one of these jigsaw puzzles as their guest book.  It totally fitted with their rustic, outdoorsy themed wedding.  Such a novel way for your guests to leave a wee message for you.  And you can frame it and turn it into a fabulous piece of art afterwards.  Or get the drop-down frame version, where guests ‘post’ their heart message to create a picture.

puzzle        puzzle 2

Heart Shaped Personalized Guestbook Puzzle (100pc)



What better way to get your guests mingling than to provide them with some fun and games!  While you’re off with the photographer between your ceremony and reception, have some old fashioned games set up for your guests to play if your venue is outside.  Or better still, if you’re not heading off for photos, stay and join them.

There’s horseshoe throwing, petanque, croquet, golf putting, apple bobbing, giant snakes and ladders…even egg and spoon races if you want to add a some serious competition!games

For more sedative activities or if your venue is only indoors, have some classic games scattered on tables, jenga or a few brain teaser puzzles.

games 2

It’s easier to chat with people you don’t know when you’re doing something together.

So relax and let the good times roll!



Here’s a lovely idea where your guests get to contribute to your ceremony in a beautiful way. Ask guests or couples to bring a flower each on your big day. All of these flowers can then be collected to make your unique and very personal bouquet.

Guests can leave them on a table to be tied before you make your grand entrance. Or you can collect them as you walk up the aisle and have your bridesmaids tie them for you at the front.

Depending on the number of guests you are having, you may just want to ask immediate family to bring flowers or you won’t be able to see your face for the flowers!  If it’s a small, intimate wedding, then everyone can join in.

The simple gift of a flower



Something a little different…and bound to appeal to vino lovers!

You both write simply write love letters to each other a few days before your wedding and seal them, not letting the other read the letter.

During the ceremony a bottle of wine is placed inside along with your love letters to each other and then the box is sealed – you can tack it shut or use a little lock (just don’t forget where you put the key!)

You also decide on the date or anniversary date that you want to open the box, whether it is 1 year, 5 years, 10…etc.  Or you may like to open it when you both feel you need it the most.

A lovely reminder of why you married and a great way to toast the years ahead.


Do include personal details in your ceremony – makes for an interesting, memorable ceremony that reflects your personalities

Do find a celebrant you ‘click’ with – you will be more relaxed and they will reflect your style

Do organize and have a thorough rehearsal – no ad-libbing vows, no forgotten rings, just a smooth ceremony where everyone knows what to do and when.   Then you just have to relax and enjoy!

Do make sure your guests can hear – it’s just not the same if you’re watching a mime show!  I have my own portable PA with cordless mics.  So even if you have a beautiful beach wedding, we can make sure everyone can hear what’s going on

Do try your music out at your rehearsal – check formats, devices are charged, timing, and who is operating it

Don’t be too late brides…anything over half an hour is just cruel!

Do apply for your marriage licence early – it’s valid for 3 months, so do it early then it’s off your list

Do delegate – people want to help so let them!

Do make your ceremony at least 25-30 minutes long – even if being in the lime light is not your thing, it’s the reason for your whole day so give it the weight it deserves.  All couples say their ceremonies seem to go quicker than they thought.

Most of all, do try to relax and enjoy it!! –easier said than done but focus on each other, celebrate the love you’ve found and make the most of your time in the limelight


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